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Davidís Step-by-Step Guide to selling at the CarBoot Sale


Not only a fun day out for the whole family, car boot selling is a great opportunity to make money from all your unwanted items. The fantastic thing about the Stoneleigh carboot sale is that you can sell pretty much anything you like. Itís the perfect way to grab everything you no longer use or want and turn it into CASH.

Lately, we all need to save money where we can, that means itís a perfect time to get down to the Stoneleigh carboot sale to take advantage, and turn your unwanted items into CASH.

Start by raiding all your cupboards and drawers that havenít seen the light of day for a while. Check the attic, the kids room even the shed to see what you can sell. Get everyone involved in finding items, and if you donít have that much stuff to sell, consider sharing a stall with a friend or neighbour.

 Q. What can I sell?

Please follow the link bellow, to see stallholders conditions and what your not allowed to sell:

Sellers Conditions!

Its always a good idea to visit our car boot prior, to see how others sell their goods and what sells well, plus you will get an idea of the prices to charge.

Keep the pricing simple, have in mind or written down the price you want for each item or label each item before hand.

For the best chance of selling your goods make sure your items are clean and in good working order.

Pack the car and bring with you a paste type table a clean colourful tablecloth and if possible a plastic sheet to cover your stall in case of a shower. Itís a good idea to bring carrier bags, folding chairs, sun cream, warm clothes and a second plastic sheet to spread on the ground (good for displaying items).

Remember to bring lots of change and a safe container for your money. Once you start taking notes lock them in your car or put them safely in your pocket. DONíT leave your money tin on view to the world, someone could take it.



Remember we donít take bookings, just turn up on the day you choose.

Halls open from 5am & bring your own table's.


On The Day

When you arrive you will be shown to your pitch place by our stewards.


Use a clean colourful cloth on your display table to attract buyerís attention. Place your most eye-catching and attractive items at the front of the table, take the time to make items looks as appealing as possible and try to put items in some kind of order or theme. For example Ė kitchen items, clothes, house hold, out doors, toys and so on.

Items that are less likely to sell can be put in a box at a set price per item Ė again for example 50p per item. People do like a good rummage!

Put toys low down so kids can see them.  

There will be buyers on site already looking for bargains, some may approach you before you are set up and ready to go. Donít let them panic you, think carefully before selling off your best items to soon. Remember people love to haggle. Be prepared to stick to your guns and donít be afraid to say ďNOĒ (politely) or even come back with a counter offer. Donít sell off your best items for a knockdown price within the first 10 minutes of getting there; you can always reduce your price as the day goes on.


Get Some Staff

Rope in your children, partner or friends to help. An extra pair of hands is indispensable and makes the day more enjoyable.

Why not share a stall with a friend, this way you halve the cost of the stall and ensure a toilet break.

Thereís no need to bring food or drink as we have the very best on site.

So remember donít tip it car boot it, you can always visit the tip FREE! At a later stage anyway!

We hope these tips help and wish you the best of luck for an enjoyable day.


Happy BootingÖ.


David Freer.


Most frequent Questions Asked.


1.     Do we need to book a stall?

No! We donít take bookings just turn up on the day.


2.     What time is best to arrive for stallholders?

     Halls open from 5am


3.     Do you provide tables?

      No we do NOT supply tables. Please bring your own.


4.     Can we sell food, drinks or sweets?

      No food, drinks or sweets of any kind are to be sold without prior permission.


5.   Do we have to stay all morning?

     You can leave whenever you wish; there are no restrictions.


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